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Hurtan Cars - Granada, Andalusia

Southern Spain

hurtan cars

Design with innovative technology to an exclusive car, built with dedication and careful work

hhurtan albaycin


Their motto is: "Special cars for special people." They are entirely handmade

In 1992 they built the first model, the T-2, followed by T-2 +2. Growth and improvement since then, with new models such as the Hurtan Grand  Albaycin. Its weight-power ratio is 4.75 kg / hp in the 2000 cc. engine, which allows a sport performance.

hurtan t2

Hurtan Desarrollos
Old road to Málaga, km 444
Extension America avenue (without number)
18320 Santa Fe, Granada, Spain

Racing Legends - Malaga, Andalusia

Southern Spain

RL Cobra 427

Design and assembly of classic cars approved  to run on  roads and streets. Their models are motorsport legends like Ford GT 40, or Porsche 356 Speedster. The cars are handmade by skilled professionals with european qualification, and they assure to give “ a little piece of our  soul in every car”  . Customizing the vehicle over customer elections or likes to achieve exclusivity in each project.

Such as example,  the AC Cobra 427 replica. It´s called  RL Cobra 427, with eight-cylinder  V engine, 5.7 Litres, which yields 405 hp and 540 Nm of torque. And also the use of last generation materials are achieved the synthesis between the flavor and excitement of the classic cars and the safety and reliability of current materials.


hurtan t2

P.I. Nueva Campana Nave 80
29660 Nueva Andalucia
Marbella, Malaga, SPAIN

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RL Cobra 427 inside

JTR Racing. Tijola - Almeria, Andalusia

Southern Spain

JTR Racing. JTR S600

JTR Racing has designed the S600, a racing car approved by the RFEDA (Royal Spanish Motorsport Federation) in E2 category for vehicles with tubular chassis, mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. It is built entirely by hand and the steel body is from a SEAT model 600. The result is a car fully capable and approved for competition (hill climb, race track, slalom, etc.) with a weight of 570 kg and a power delivery between 185 205 hp that accelerates from 0 to 100 Km / h in 4 seconds, as stated in the technical specifications of the project.

JTR S600 Ubrique - Benaocaz Hill Climb 2014

JTR Racing
Phone: +34 610 750 032

JTR S600 JTR Racing Tijola Almeria Southern Spain