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Adas Sport - Badajoz, Extremadura

Southern Spain

Company related with motorsport for over ten years. It offers race assistance, private events, driving school, and racing cars rent. They have their own racing team.

Equipo Adas. El Nevero Industrial Park (Extension) Number 21 St. - Block 1, workshop 16th.
BADAJOZ. 06006.
GPS: 38.89957925113651, -7.00078010559082

Equipo Adas Sport - Badajoz, Spain


AGR Competicion - Granada, Andalucía

Southern Spain

AGR competición

Wide offer range: race drivers´ advice, car performance, race assistance  and race cars rental. They have got their own racing team and take part on several national and andalusian championships.

AGR Competición
Industrial Park  Las Rosas - workshop 42, Chauchina - Granada,
Near to Granada airport, in Chauchina village, exit from the A-92 highway.

Phones:  + 34 615 551 968
             + 34 687 902 107
GPS:37.192181180683924,        -3.7839317321777344


AM Racing Kart - Malaga, Andalusia

Southern Spain

Kart accessories and parts, clothing and safety equipment. Customizing helmets, karts and clothing. Shop online and physical store. 

AM Racing Kart
42, Jumillano St.
29590 Campanillas - Malaga
Phone +34 685 465 340
GPS: 36.7256681,-4.547423

Tienda AM Racing Kart - Campanillas - Málaga. Spain


Autocentro Preauto - Sevilla Andalusia

Southern Spain

Lotus Europa Autocentro Precar

Comprehensive automobile mechanics for modern and classic cars, diagnosis, and paint and body. Sport performance and restoration of classic cars and classic engines. His experience in competition in the classic cars category with a Lotus Europe MK47 supports them. They have two centers in Seville city: Autocentro Preauto and Precar in the Industrial Area of Calonge.

Autocentro Preauto
28, San Juan de la Salle av., . 41008 Sevilla.
Phone +34 954 431 027

Autocentro Precar
10, Estano st. 41007 Sevilla.
Phone +34 954 35 51 15
GPS: 37.4070851,-5.9568307


Colombes - Malaga, Andalusia

Southern Spain


Technical and safety equipment provider, clothing and car performance or adjustments.

With an extensive experience in the world of motor racing, it offers a personalized and professional advice to the pilot, both on a technical and human level.

TEAM COLOMBES & Colombes Profesional Racing
335 Jose Ortega y Gasset av.
Industrial Park San Luis - Malaga - España
Phone  + 34 952.33.04.99
GPS: 36.7076943, -4.4774011

Their shop of accessories and parts have a large showroom area with a variety of products, mostly from top brand of equipment and spare. You can see a video spot of the Colombes Team Store by clicking below.

Colombes - Málaga


Cª. Tecnica del Automovil - Sevilla, Andalucía

Southern Spain

Parts store with good prices. Specialists in Asian vehicles, Spanish and imported.

Consultoria Tecnica del Automovil
de la Paz av.
41013 Sevilla

Phone +34 954 23 2343
CTDA en Facebook
GPS: 37.361216292959256,-5.959739685058594


Duvaz Sport - Cadiz, Andalusia

Sur de España

It is very focused to the competition. In 1986 it began its career, but it's in 1993 when adopting the name of Duvaz Sport. Since 1989 has participated in competition at national championships of Spain, France and Portugal.

Duvaz Sport
Ciudad del Transporte II Industrial Park
25 Numismática st. Guadalcacin, Jerez, Cadiz
Phone +34 956 338 300
GPS: 36.7209149,-6.089087


Julio Racing - Malaga, Andalusia

Southern Spain

Taller Julio Racing Málaga Spain

General mechanical works and sportive adaptations. Their specialty are exhausts, brakes and sportive suspensions. With a long career in mechanics, renovations, restorations and sports preparations. They participate frecuently at track days organized by the motorsport clubs of southern Spain.

Julio Racing
San Luis Industrial Park
12 Paris st. Malaga
Phone +34 951 112 106


Kart22. Marbella - Malaga, Andalusia

Southern Spain

The shop offers mechanical parts, tires, clothing, helmets, karts for sale and any engine or chassis parts for karts.

They have an online shop on their website to make purchases conveniently and without displacements.

Iris st. Edificio Jardines Tropicales.
29660 Marbella - Malaga. Phone +34 952 811 156
GPS:36.488307038283644, -4.962435364723206


Leo Racing - Malaga, Andalusia

Southern Spain

Taller Leo Racing Málaga

Reprogramming, electronic adjustments, diagnosis, 4x4 dyno. Installing turbo kits to atmospheric engines, engine changes (swap). Oversized turbos with electronic adjustment to suit the best performance. Forged engine to increase reliability. Preparation of racing cars.

Leo Racing
Villarosa Industrial Park
4 Nicolás Gogol st. Málaga.
Phone +34 952 244 848
GPS:36.6714549, -4.4740956


Pro-Rally - Malaga, Andalusia

Southern Spain

Dedicated since 1998 to the competition and specialist in asphalt rallies and hill climb. Racing car performance, team and drivers managing on complete motorsport season. Also occasionally specific preparations.

16 Manuel del Palacio st.
29017 MALAGA
Telf. +34 952 246 755
GPS: 36.7251435,-4.3702266

Pro Rally - Málaga


Racing Engineering - Cadiz, Andalusia

Southern Spain

Racing Engineering - Cádiz
Racing Engineering - GP2 Series

Racing Engineering is located in Sanlucar de Barrameda, a town very near of the Jerez Circuit. They took part on the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans and they have competed on the highest levels of motorsport since then. Now in GP2 Series. Its facilities offer the best guarantees and technical possibilities and they are the biggest car performer company in southern Spain. Carbon fiber parts production. 

Racing Engineering
28 Algarrobo st.
11540 Sanlucar de Barrameda - Cadiz.
  Phone +34 956 966 001
GPS:36.7627303, -6.3590733

To left the single seaters
of the GP2 Series 2009.
Autodromo do Algarve.


RL Performance - Malaga Andalusia

Southern Spain

Racing Legends Performance is the department of sport performances by Racing Legends, SL, a company currently based Marbella, Málaga, but opening doors before in Dos Hermanas, Seville, wich is dedicated to build replicas of classic cars, and also to the cars reconstruction and restoration. They are specialized in American cars restoration and offer, among other services : engineering, design and production, modifications, racing cars performance and maintenance. They presented the RL Cobra 427 manufactured under customer petition using a prestigious kit-car, a Corvette C5 engine and the best parts and materials.

Racing Legends Performance


Racing Legends Performance - Sevilla

RL Cobra 427

P.I. Nueva Campana Nave 80
29660 Nueva Andalucia
Marbella, Malaga, SPAIN

Visit Racing Legends on  Facebook


SRC Motorsport - Sevilla Andalusia

Southern Spain

Workshop and online shop. General mechanical works and adjustments for sportive configurations.

SRC Motorsport
Los Juncales Industrial Park 40 Romeral st.
41130 La Puebla del Rio
Phone +34 955 772 934 -
GPS:37.2641192, -6.0772845

SRC Motorsport La puebla del Rio Sevilla


T. Paco Alabarce - Granada, Andalusia

Souther Spain

Talleres Paco Alabarce - Granada, Spain

Diagnosis, general mechanics and car preparations for competitions, rally, offroad and circuit. Restoration and adaptation of classic cars for private collections or regularity competitions.

Talleres Paco Alabarce
El Vadillo Industrial Park
Tegucigalpa st. s/n (without number)
18600 Motril - Granada
Phone +34 958 822 530
GPS: 36.7397948,-3.5123304


Talleres Quintano - Sevilla, Andalusia

Southern Spain

It´s present in several competitions in Andalusia together with the team Quintano Sport and also participating or providing assistance in competitions such as slalom, mountain, rallies.

Talleres Quintano y Quintano Sport
Ciudad Blanca Industrial Park
(close to Andalucia av.)
5 – 7 Tramontana st.
Dos Hermanas, Sevilla.
GPS: 37.2638607, -5.9213218

quintano sport

Phone + 34 954 72 04 27
Phone + 34 954 72 02 28


TeCe 4x4 - Jaen,  Andalusia

Southern Spain

Car preparations and certificate of approval. They are experts in 4x4 and offroad, and also with several presence in speed circuits. They are supported by their participation in various competitions, including the Dakar with Epsilon. 

TeCé 4x4
44 las Cruces st.
23003 Jaen, Spain
Phone + 34 953 239 458
GPS: 37.7709071,-3.7810981


Tuners & Drifters - Sevilla, Andalusia

Southern Spain

Tienda y taller Tuners & Drifters - Sevilla

Preparation and empowerment, embracing both mechanical and reprogramming. Import of spare parts and high performance parts. Approval and car import, with focus in Japanese cars.>

Tuners & Drifters
Las Zarzas de Córdoba Industrial Park
B st., workshop 22
Palomares del Rio - Sevilla
Phone +34 955764679 - 685526072
GPS: 37.31894525308556,-6.072295904159546